Frequently Asked Questions

The blank screen you have encountered can be the result of heavy user traffic within the survey, or connection/communication issues between servers. It takes a few seconds for a survey page to load, due to the number of respondents trying to access the site simultaneously. Our best advice is to try taking the survey at a different time.

Please double check that there are no typos in the URL you have entered into your browser, if you are typing the URL address versus clicking on it. If you have clicked on it, check that the link in the email has not broken. If you are certain the URL is correct, it may be a server problem. Sometimes there are server difficulties beyond our control. Generally these are very temporary problems, and things will be up and running again soon. Please try back again in a little while.

Sometimes a URL address or link will be too long to display on just one line. The first portion of the address may be a hyperlink, but if the rest of the link falls onto a separate line, it will invalidate the address. You can try clicking on the "invalid" portion of the URL address and then reattaching the remaining segment(s) in the browser's address bar by copying and pasting those segments to the end of the incomplete URL. Sometimes clicking on the hyperlinked portion of the URL address may redirect you to a different site, or you may receive an error message regarding the site not being available. In this case, you should either copy and paste the entire URL address onto your browser, or manually type it in, to access the survey site.

Each survey or project may quota manage the participants. For example, if a specific age bracket is filled, or if the limit to any demographic category has been met, a survey may be shut down for that particular category if our client requires us to do so.

If you received a "Those are all the questions we have for you today. Thank you very much for your time." message following your survey submission, your data was received with no difficulties. Sometimes this "Thank You" page does not appear due to miscellaneous connectivity/communication issues. If you wish to verify that your data was received, try logging back in to the survey - if your responses were received, you will see a screen informing you that you have already participated in this project.

If you do not qualify for a particular project, it simply means the project's requirements do not match your profile or that we already have enough participants for that particular study. For every project we enter the names of all participants regardless of whether or not they have qualified for previous studies.

No. In some surveys, we disable the "back" and "forward" features in order to prevent a user from previewing and changing answers. This is done to protect the integrity of the data we collect.

We try to respond to our messages as soon as possible. We recognise you are our "customers" and require quality customer service. On average, we try to respond to messages within 2 business days. Please be patient; you might try forwarding your message a second time, in case it did not get through the first time.

Many of our email samples are client supplied. This would mean that more often than not, you have already completed a survey in which you provided your email address for future participation. Alternatively, you may have provided your email address at a particular website for the purpose of providing future feedback.

Sometimes, clients publish reports and sometimes make de-identified data available to the public as well. If our clients tell us in advance that they plan to do this, we will tell you in the survey. All published information is de-identified and usually available in summary format only. For more information about the types of reports Wallis has published please see (refer publications part of website).

Certain questions must be answered before you can advance in the survey. These answers are necessary for certain types of statistical analysis. If you have answered all the questions on the page and this message is still occurring, then check for a scroll bar on the side of the page. Depending on your browser set-up, not all questions will fit on the screen and therefore a scroll bar is used to 'move' the page up and down.

Occasionally we get such an overwhelming instant response to surveys that we have to close them off quite quickly as we already have the necessary statistical sample. Additionally, all surveys have a finite life due to data collection requirements and are only open for short periods of time.

If you get this message, double-check the question and the allowable range of numerical values. Our surveys are designed so that each question is affected by your previous answers. Therefore if an inconsistency occurs, the program will recognise this and attempt to resolve the inconsistency. For example if you answer a question saying that your ideal number of purchases per week is greater than 2 and then in the following question specify that your exact ideal number is 1 or 2, then this is inconsistent since neither 1 or 2 are greater than 2. The survey will recognise this and inform you that you are outside the valid range.

If your query is not answered by any of the above, please click here to email us or reply to the e-mail you received from us. We will endeavour to respond within 2 business days.